Boarding School, Glarus , 2012

Until 2001, the Legler site in Diesbach was an active location for yarn and cloth production. The buildings date from 1856 (weaving mill), 1870 (spinning mill), and 1919 (new spinning mill). A special feature is the factory’s own hydroelectric power station, which has ensured energy autonomy right from the start and is still in operation today. The current owner intends to convert the site for a second use. For this purpose, the building stock is analysed regarding its suitability as a boarding school. The idyllically secluded location and the proximity to various recreational areas (Braunwald ski area, Lake Walen), and good connections to the greater Zurich area (1h without changing trains since 2014) are important advantages of the location. Three typological floor plan layouts are verified: A) conventional classrooms along a central corridor, which can be combined in pairs in the sense of “team teaching”, B) a group room concept as is currently popular in public schools, and C) an innovative teaching concept with open, informal learning zones and so-called “break-out areas”. Depending on the educational concept, about 100 - 250 students could be taught at the boarding school on the Legler site.