This building is intended to become a meeting centre of regional and international importance on the former “wasteland” behind the station, thus creating an identity-building focal point for the new Bahnstadt district. The distinctive cubature, which is characterised by dynamic lines, lends the new conference centre a solitary character and thus does justice to its leading role in the Bahnstadt. Typologically, it sets an urban counterpoint to the high-rise buildings of the hotel on the station forecourt and of Schiller International University. The extra-high storeys create a unique scale, which, in keeping with its function, sets the building apart from the surrounding residential and office buildings. Towards the southern station square, the appearance of the new conference centre is welcoming and open. A striking recess in the building cubature creates a prestigious forecourt in front of the main entrance, which thanks to its clear urban layout extends the station square across the street. To the west, the conference centre forms a clear boundary to the green area of Zollhofgarten.