As part of the IBA’27 Stuttgart Metropolitan Region, a quarter with the highest ecological and social standards is to be created on the Goldäcker area on the outskirts of Leinfelden-Echterdingen. The new neighbourhood is conceived as a showcase project for a sustainable society. This uniqueness should also be perceptible in the architectural expression. Sustainability should not appear as an applied feature but rather be understood as an inherent component of the architecture. The houses are like small power plants, drawing their energy from the sun and the ground, and reusing materials from previous construction projects. The goal is to develop a resilient quarter that can be flexibly used by future generations according to their needs and over an extended period.

The fundamental concepts of the existing master plan are embraced: the integration between the city and the landscape, the central core, and the intermediary building heights towards the existing structures. By slightly turning the repeating buildings, intriguing urban spaces intertwined with the landscape are created, guiding visitors into the quarter. The layout of pathways constantly generates new visual connections. The buildings are consolidated with a minimal footprint, allowing for adequate greenery and ventilation despite a dense room programme. The staggered arrangement of the buildings with corner apartments provides views into the distance.