On the Hunziker Areal in Zurich, a total of 450 apartments, shops, restaurants, workshops, artist studios, day nurseries, and a guesthouse have been developed. Our vision was to create a piece of city instead of an estate. Urban density is required where squares, alleys, and green zones determine the qualities of the public space. An exciting sequence of outdoor spaces and public-oriented uses on the ground floor invigorate the quarter. In addition to the wide range of common rooms, individual retreats are also becoming increasingly important. It’s exactly this tension that makes up the special feature of this project: on the one hand, security and privacy and, on the other hand, the wide range of opportunities to be part of the community. On the urban planning level, it is the interplay between development and open space elements such as paths and squares; the counterpart in the apartments is the interaction of common rooms and private areas.