Along Mythenquai, the massive base level with its commercial uses is the dominant element. The common base encloses two 6-storey filigree residential buildings like a bracket. The differentiated building heights and the projections and recesses of the residential levels add a rhythm to the street profile of the elongated building volume, as is typical for the façade design of many industrial buildings along Mythenquai. The horizontal division into base, upper and attic floors also continues the design canon of the surrounding buildings. In order to provide access to the lake through the long building volume, the division of the upper floors into two clearly separated structures is another striking design element of the western façade. On the lake side, the building appears to be a staggered ensemble, which, depending on the viewpoint, seems to consist of individual structures. At the same time, the staggered lake façade creates an enlarged façade design that makes it possible to provide every living room and bedroom with a lake view. The positioning of the buildings creates a narrower urban outdoor space towards Mythenquai and on the lake side— also along the entire length of the property—a larger outdoor space for the residents, which visually extends the Savera Park.