In the garden landscape that surrounds the building on the embassy grounds the new message is set as a sculptural volume. The building opens up in certain points, allows exciting insights and views, and mediates between the intimate inner courtyard and the garden. The exterior space is clearly laid out (security) and nevertheless creates very different atmospheres for the respective building sides and uses. The compact building volume makes it possible to preserve many of the trees on the site, two are worthy of protection and therefore replanted. Due to the pulpit-like vertical extension, the building is also visible from Jimma Road and sets a striking symbol towards the city. Bringing together various embassy functions in one building directly supports contact between the individual embassy departments. The heart of the building, the green inner courtyard, invites both to focus and to exchange ideas. Meetings are encouraged by the all-round circulation paths and internal stairs. Orientation is easy due to the clear building structure. The embassy’s garden is seen as a kind of showcase for Switzerland’s virtues and interests as well as for its commitment to Ethiopia. It makes statements on the topics of understanding nature, cooperation, and cultural landscape. The climate, which is conducive to horticulture, as well as the obvious expertise of the gardening staff is appreciated.