ZHAW + Zusammenhalt, Winterthur , 2013

For this complex construction project, we choose an integral approach and see a unique opportunity for transformation. The heart of the “new building” is the reversal of the existing Hall 191 into a courtyard: The roof in need of renovation is removed, the old industrial façades form the internal face of the newly created outdoor space. A place that tells stories of its industrial past. It becomes a meeting place for students and lecturers of both faculties as well as residents and visitors of the area. The second design-generating element is derived from the issue of the interface between university and housing association: An internal lane dissolves the functional separation of the very different uses and simultaneously creates an immediate spatial cohesion. The scenic path along the alley starts with lobby and reception at the street and leads along the entire length of the building until it reaches its end point at the two-storey activity platform. This is also an ideal venue for events—with an attractive view across the tracks.